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I am an artist, hot yoga enthusiast and marketing student. I am passionate about creating groovy art that makes people reflect and feel empowered. In my professional life, my current focus is finishing my bachelor’s of commerce degree at the University of Ottawa (done in December 2020!). I work as a teaching assistant at the Telfer School of Management for business communication skills and as a corrector for marketing. In my personal life, I participate in activities that make me feel fulfilled, healthy, strong and empowered. I do this by going to hot yoga, kickboxing, eating well and creating art. I enjoy surrounding myself with friends and like-minded individuals that radiate good energy. My present goal is living a balanced lifestyle that is abundant in bliss, creativity, growth, adventure, and hard work. My core values are to be a kind, positive, open-minded, reliable and supportive individual to my classmates, students, friends and family.

My Personal Mission