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This page includes my travels, adventures, photography, food creations, festivals and art work. This page is a snapshot into my life, kind of a journal-portfolio type blog! All photos are either taken by me, created by me or of me.

Let's Get Personal

Travel & Adventures

Never stop exploring

I love traveling, but then again, who doesn't? One of my main goals for my twenties is to go backpacking. Not only does traveling bring so many incredible experiences, but immersing oneself into a new environment and culture brings personal development, problem-solving skills and new perspectives. Some of my favourite places I've visited are: California, New York City, Israel, London, Estonia, Cuba and Colombia. My bucket list as of right now is: Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, Spain, Portugal and Australia.

Food & Health

Coming from a business student, health is still your most important investment

Ever since a young age, my family, especially my mother, has always emphasized the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I find the periods of my life that I'm most content, even while enduring the stress of university, is when I make time to treat my body well. This includes eating healthy meals and exercising. Currently, I mostly eat plant-based, as I find my body thrives most on it. In terms of working out, I have been doing weekly kickboxing classes and going to hot yoga several times a week. Check out my plant-based Instagram @trustyo.process !

Music Festivals & Concerts

Life is made by moments like these

I love attending music festivals and concerts. The memories created at these experiences are some of the most special moments of my life. My craziest festival story is when I was at a Mura Masa concert at Osheaga in 2016. A girl discretely came up to me and my friend in the crowd and asked if we could film her propose to her girlfriend. Pretty sure I cried. My festival list is: Osheaga x5, Bluesfest x7, Wayhome, Folk Fest and Escapade. My festival bucket list is: Tomorrowland, Bonnarroo, EDC and Electric Forest. My most listened to genres are electronic dance music: tech house, deep house, tropical house, disco, and indie. Some of my favourite artists include: Kaytranada (I've seen him live 6 times), Flume, Louis The Child, Disclosure, Darius, Tame Impala, Fisher, Mat Zo, Odesza, Mura Masa, Toro Y Moi, Rufus Du Sol, Duke Dumont, Tame Impala, Dua Lipa, Frank Ocean and Mac Miller.

Earth without 'art' is just 'eh'

Ever since a young age, I have always been into visual art. I love creating groovy art that makes you reflect and feel empowered. Specifically, acrylic painting and drawing with markers. As you can see from my portfolio above, I love pastel colours. I went to an arts high school, where I was part of the visual arts program for 4 years. Yup, I was an artsy kid and even skateboarded in grade 12. I almost accepted my offer to OCAD U in Toronto for painting and drawing, but art is more of a personal, therapeutic activity for me. I still apply this artistic and creative side to myself in my education and career in marketing, which is pretty cool. One of my favourite artists is Picasso, which you will notice I take a lot of inspiration from in my drawings. Check out my art Instagram page @groovy.selflove to check out more of my art, purchase pieces/ prints or commissions!

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